Waterlogging Signalling and Tolerance in Plants

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Search our journals. Articles citing this paper Review : Mechanisms of anoxia tolerance in plants. Growth, survival and anaerobic catabolism Jane Gibbs and Hank Greenway 30 1 pp. What happens to plant mitochondria under low oxygen? An omics review of the responses to low oxygen and reoxygenation. Wheat genotypes show contrasting abilities to recover from anoxia in spite of similar anoxic carbohydrate metabolism.

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A Myb transcription factor TaMyb1 from wheat roots is expressed during hypoxia: roles in response to the oxygen concentration in root environment and abiotic stresses. Struggle in the flood: tree responses to flooding stress in four tropical floodplain systems.

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Nutritional and chlorophyll fluorescence responses of lucerne Medicago sativa to waterlogging and subsequent recovery. Morphological and physiological responses of two chrysanthemum cultivars differing in their tolerance to waterlogging. Environmental and Experimental Botany. De-submergence responses of antioxidative defense systems in two wetland plants having escape and quiescence strategies.

Nitrite-driven anaerobic ATP synthesis in barley and rice root mitochondria. Stoimenova Maria, Igamberdiev Abir U. Expression and promoter methylation of succinate dehydrogenase and fumarase genes in maize under anoxic conditions. Eprintsev Alexander T. High phenotypic plasticity of Suaeda maritima observed under hypoxic conditions in relation to its physiological basis. Wetson Anne M. Effect of precipitation condition on photosynthesis and biomass accumulation and referring to splash erosion status in five typical evergreen tree species in humid monsoon climatic region of subtropical hill-land.

Journal of Central South University. Does anoxia tolerance involve altering the energy currency towards PPi?

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Responses to short-term waterlogging during grain filling in sunflower. Grassini Patricio, Indaco Guillermo V. Plant ionic relation and whole-plant physiological responses to waterlogging, salinity and their combination in barley. Waterlogging-induced increase in sugar mobilization, fermentation, and related gene expression in the roots of mung bean Vigna radiata. Sairam Raj K. Transcriptional responses to flooding stress in roots including hypocotyl of soybean seedlings.

Bui Liem T. Efficient use of energy in anoxia-tolerant plants with focus on germinating rice seedlings. Carbohydrate metabolism in germinating caryopses of Oryza sativa L.

Crop Physiology

Ectopic expression of a rice transcription factor, Mybleu, enhances tolerance of transgenic plants of Carrizo citrange to low oxygen stress. Flood regime as a driver of the distribution of mangrove and salt marsh species in a subtropical estuary. Spier Daphne, Gerum Humberto L. Floods affect physiological and growth variables of peach trees Prunus persica L. Batsch , as well as the postharvest behavior of fruits.

I: Overview, Implication, and Plant Response. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. Effects of total submergence in saltwater on growth and leaf ion content of preflooded and unflooded Taxodium distichum saplings. Landscape and Ecological Engineering. Crop Stress and its Management: Perspectives and Strategies Teixeira, Fujita Masayuki. Effects of waterlogging on growth, porosity and radial oxygen loss of three tree species.

Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology. Physiological and cellular aspects of phytotoxicity tolerance in plants: the role of membrane transporters and implications for crop breeding for waterlogging tolerance. Moriconi Jorge I. Proteomic analysis reveals response of differential wheat Triticum aestivum L. Reducing properties, energy efficiency and carbohydrate metabolism in hyperhydric and normal carnation shoots cultured in vitro: a hypoxia stress?

Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. Rapid oxygen exchange across the leaves of Littorella uniflora provides tolerance to sediment anoxia.

Membrane Transporters and Waterlogging Tolerance

Gel-free proteomic analysis of soybean root proteins affected by calcium under flooding stress. Critical Reviews in Biotechnology. Bramley H. Is elongation-induced leaf emergence beneficial for submerged Rumex species? Rice alcohol dehydrogenase 1 promotes survival and has a major impact on carbohydrate metabolism in the embryo and endosperm when seeds are germinated in partially oxygenated water.

Transcriptome profiling of the floating-leaved aquatic plant Nymphoides peltata in response to flooding stress. Novel Prunus rootstock somaclonal variants with divergent ability to tolerate waterlogging. Pistelli L. Physiological and Metabolic Adaptations of Potamogeton pectinatus L. Dixon M. Abuarab Mohamed E.

El-Sawy Mohamed. Physiological adjustments of an invasive tree species to extreme hydrological events in a tropical seasonal wetland. Parolin P. Wetlands: Functioning, Biodiversity Conservation, and Restoration Submergence tolerance in rice requires Sub1A, an ethylene-response-factor-like gene. RNAseq revealed the important gene pathways controlling adaptive mechanisms under waterlogged stress in maize.

High sensitivity of Lobelia dortmanna to sediment oxygen depletion following organic enrichment.

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  • Comparative studies on physiological and biochemical adaptation of Taxodium distichum and Taxodium ascendens seedlings to different soil water regimes. Involvement of nitrate reduction in the tolerance of tomato Solanum lycopersicum L.

    Adaptation to flooding in upland and lowland ecotypes of Cyperus rotundus, a troublesome sedge weed of rice: tuber morphology and carbohydrate metabolism. Distinct mechanisms for aerenchyma formation in leaf sheaths of rice genotypes displaying a quiescence or escape strategy for flooding tolerance. Parlanti S. Effect of waterlogging on carbohydrate metabolism in pigeon pea Cajanus cajan L.

    Kumutha D. Leaf attributes in the seasonally dry tropics: a comparison of four habitats in northern Australia.

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    Impacts of winter icing events on the growth, phenology and physiology of sub-arctic dwarf shrubs. Brassinosteroid signaling modulates submergence-induced hyponastic growth in Arabidopsis thaliana. Ecotypic responses to flood and drought in tea tree Melaleuca alternifolia.

    Effects of NH4—N concentrations and gradient redox level on growth and allied biochemical parameters of Elodea nuttallii Planch. Activity of biochemical pH-stat enzymes in cereal root tips under oxygen deficiency. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology.