Who Says Poetry Is Boring?

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Maybe just a little but not a lot. I like to read poetry that shows the big picture within two seconds.

Most poetry is quite boring, says poet Mark Waldron

Whoever thinks poetry is good obviously hasn t seen a poem before. I d rather shove a fork in my thigh than read poetry. Maybe you could say something about not connecting with it.

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Say you enjoy poetry, but some may not because they can not connect with what it says and that they need to just try out different kinds. Source s : my life.

Why is poetry boring? | Yahoo Answers

Existing questions. Related Questions Do you personaly think poetry is boring??? Why is poetry so boring? Do you find poetry fasinating or boring? More questions. Have you ever got bored of poetry? Why do I find poetry boring and dull? Answer Questions Is the pharse, Dont get me wrong I love Thomas King is an accomplished writer, yet chooses a simplistic style poem to portray his message.

2. Poems to Act Out

She has me mind, body, and soul, and as I finished this poem the first time, I wanted to share it with others, which I did. Mostly we quoted and often agreed on our favorite lines, and then felt something satisfying about having this poem in common. Nothing about the repetition of blue or what socks really mean.

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Who says poetry is boring?

Thomas Writing. Like this: Like Loading That's when I foist her off on Aunt Tara, who also enjoys a good poem, and let the two of them discuss poetry while I go read a good long novel. Thus ends my post of a comment to your post :P.

I'm not a big fan of most poems especially the ones I don't understand! Maybe she's more of a poem-writer than a poem-reader?

Emma loves poetry. My dad used to make up all sorts of poems when I was a kid - he even won a poetry contest once, when I was maybe 4 years old?

John Berryman: Life, Friends, is Boring.

I fell asleep on the red carpet at the awards ceremony. I loved the ending of Smarty's poem!

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I have to say I'm indifferent to poetry. I loved it when I was in school - couldn't get enough - but don't read much in the way of poetry now. Unlike Ticia I adore the poetry books of the Bible, with Ecclesiastes being my big favorite - and I've had the children reading and discussing that this year. But, beyond that we only read poetry as a family when it happens to slip in through picture books I should probably address that as gap I'm glad you brought it up.

No surprise, actually since Smarty Pants is more the logical, no nonsense type of child